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  • Location: Ireland, Venice, Waterloo, Zanzibar

The Romantic

The Romantic

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Various : Soldier. Farmer. Felon. Writer. Father. Lover. One man, many lives.

  • ISBN: B09PY9129J
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Born in 1799, Cashel Greville Ross experiences myriad lives: joyous and devastating, years of luck and unexpected loss.

Moving from County Cork to London, from Waterloo to Zanzibar, Cashel seeks his fortune across continents in war and in peace. He faces a terrible moral choice in a village in Sri Lanka as part of the East Indian Army. He enters the world of the Romantic Poets in Pisa.

In Ravenna he meets a woman who will live in his heart for the rest of his days. As he travels the world as a soldier, a farmer, a felon, a writer, a father, a lover, he experiences all the vicissitudes of life and, through the accelerating turbulence of the nineteenth century, he discovers who he truly is. This is the romance of life itself, and the beating heart of The Romantic.



Travel Guide

The romantic tour around the world

So many locations in this novel – some visited briefly and others crucial to the plot.

The main character in the novel travels from Ireland, Oxford, India, Ceylon, Massachusetts and Tanzania.

He even ends up in involved in the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium.

In Pisa and Lerici, he meets and gets to know Mary and Percy Shelley and Lord Byron . On an expedition to the Nile,  he meets Richard Burton. Later on, he has to go hiding in Venice.

So, too many locations and too complex a journey to have on one map. The real journey is through the eyes of the character.

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  The Romantic

Destination: Various Author/Guide: William Boyd  Departure Time: 1799

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