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The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man

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2000s: All serial killers are deadly but this one makes the husbands deal the final blow…

  • ISBN: 978-0571322282
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

In Vancouver, the wife of a millionaire is dead following an explosion in her own home.

Everyone thinks her husband is responsible, but former FBI profiler Jefferson Winter isn’t so sure. The method is too perfect; the lack of mistakes, uncanny. He’s seen a series of carefully orchestrated murders – once a year, on exactly the same day, a woman dies in a situation just like this one.

That date is fast approaching and Winter knows another victim has been selected. Can he identify the quiet man before he strikes again?

Travel Guide


Usually the most stunning city in the world with its mountains, cool blue sea and luscious green parks…but this is the dark side of the city where fear roams and where wives of businessmen all over the city are being trussed up to a chair in their own homes then left with an explosive device attached…which is denoted when their husband comes home. FBI profiler roams the streets and the places where the victims lived so track down the clues that this city may be hiding…

First of all – be sure to stay in the Shangri La hotel where Winter does  – shangri-la.com/vancouver/shangrila/

Then there’s the Mount View Cemetery, and the various places where the crimes have either taken place or where the husbands still live – these are all upmarket nice areas and places where you would imagine living yourself, idyllically and quietly. But someone is stalking these streets.

Vancouver is not heavily mentioned apart from the diners, the Vancouver Sun and the lovely Alexandra Park but it’s a city under siege from a very unusual killer and that makes the clouds darken and gather no matter which city this takes place in. Two places in the novel to definately visit however are the park and the Inukshuk statue just beside it – it’s a human-made stone sculpture, an ancient symbol of the Inuit culture – someone to watch you and he sees everything…

Streetview Maps

A) Vancouver - Balsam Place
E) Vancouver - The 'Quiet 'Stone Man

Booktrailer Review


It’s been  a while since I’ve read a James Carol novel – this is the fourth and I have now put 2 and 3 on the list as I’ve missed him! This really is a crime novel with a difference as there are some great trails to be followed throughout the book. For Booktrail purposes, there is a clear use of Vancouver and its coastal features and almost all the streets and places mentioned  are real. The use of location doesn’t play a role to a huge extent but putting Winter in a strange new location is a great new angle for this character.

The work of a criminal profiler is tricky and never ending and it’s thrilling to get inside the head of someone like this. He’s methodical but prone to going off on a tangent and he needs to follow his gut. It’s fascinating watching him work and getting so close to what the real work of such a man must be like. The significance of the dates of the killings – that was exciting to work through those cases and spot similarities or links. Hey I even wanted to dig out my old magnifying glass so deeply involving was the case.

This is a fast paced, thrilling read and it draws you in quickly and keeps you there. I love Vancouver and this is one of the best thriller set there that I’ve read!

I do like this Jefferson Winter. He’s one captivating man.

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Author/Guide: James Carol  Destination:Vancouver  Departure Time: 2000s

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