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  • Location: Fictional “Polzel” Cornwall

The Oddest Little Beach Shop

The Oddest Little Beach Shop

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2000s: What does the oddest little beach shop sell?

  • Genre: Romance

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From the first day of Annie’s arrival in the sleepy Cornish resort of Polzel, next-door neighbour Gabriel seems determined to make her life difficult.

Despite his sexy looks and angelic name, Gabriel behaves like an ogre to everyone, and has apparently been that way since losing his wife in a surfing accident. Annie would do far better, her friend Claudia urges her, to focus her attentions on Jamie instead. Jamie’s the hottest lifeguard in the village – and her co-worker in the Polzel beach shop.

But when Polzel’s famous annual pie-rolling contest sees Annie and Gabriel forced together, it turns out Annie might have a thing for big Cornish ogres after all .

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Polzel is sadly fictional but it sounds lovely!

The shop in the novel is a beach shop which sells everything you need to surf and live on the beach.Annie is invited to move down there, life in the flat above the shop and work in the Cornish sunshine.

The first sight was the glittering blue expanse of ocean she had been promised when she first agreed to uproot herself from the gloomy suburbs and move down to Cornwall. The view was gorgeous, just as she had expected. Breathtaking in fact, and worth stopping on a blind corner to admire it

“So this was Cornwall. Sheep in the road. And farmers in no hurry whatsoever


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Destination : Fictional “Polzel” Cornwall  Author/Guide: Beth Good  Departure Time: 2000s

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