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  • Location: Calgary

The Lucky Elephant Restaurant

The Lucky Elephant Restaurant

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2000s: The streets of Calgary are trampled upon by Detective Lane with his sharp-eyed partner Harper in tow.

  • ISBN: 978-1896300979
  • Genre: Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Popular radio talk show host Bobbie Reddie’s daughter has disappeared and Bobbie’s husband is under investigation. Detectives Lane and Harper must search for the truth at the same time that one of them is themselves haunted by a past missing child case. This time they’re determined to get answers however. While the investigations are underway, Jay Krocker, a university student get to know the rathter mysterious ‘Uncle’ Tran, owner of the Lucky Elephant Restaurant. Soon they will both be caught up in the unravelling mystery…but in what way?

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With the sights and sounds of Western Canada coming to life and Calgary displayed in all its glory, this is a unique way of finding your way around the city and seeing the fictional crime sights yes, but also the lovely backdrop of the city in the Rockie mountains which is as unique as it sounds.

Although, the concerned mother  is a famous radio-host for a religious programme and maybe it’s just down the remote and distant location but this seemed eerily sinister to us.

On the western horizon, the Rocky Mountains were white-tipped. In a couple of hours the sun would drop behind them leaving about thirty minutes of twilight”

With coyotes wandering freely and the trees providing a hiding place for many dark foreshadowing, this is a creepy place indeed.

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