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  • Location: Victoria, Athens, Crete, Amalfi Coast, Paris

The Lost Swimmer

The Lost Swimmer

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2000s: You can feel adrift in life, in many different ways…

  • ISBN: 978-1471153082
  • Genre: Fiction, Psychological, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Rebecca Wilding, an archaeology professor, traces the past for a living. But she’s not used to having to defend her own life and past when she is accused of serious fraud. She also suspects her husband is having an affair so her world is starting to crumble around her.

Stephen and Rebecca are set to travel to Greece, Italy and Paris where they have many longstanding commitments booked. But ti’s here that they’re also hoping to have a holiday which will heal their relationship as well as enabling Rebecca to get to the truth at work

However life is about to get worse – as on the idyllic Amalfi Coast, Stephen goes swimming and doesn’t come back.

Travel Guide


Athens is the first port of call on the tour. It’s got a special connection to Rebecca. Time to spend sightseeing and exploring the Parthenon.

“The Aegean stretched for miles, dotted with tiny rocky islands to the horizon, familiar and alluring. A part of me felt lie I was coming home”

Amalfi Coast

It’s here on the peaceful and relaxing Amalfi Coast that the worst happens.

They stay at a gorgeous  hotel  which is very relaxing and quiet.  It’s here where Stephen goes swimming and then goes missing. The view along the rugged mountain and the countryside with its pretty coloured houses dotted on the landscape is a “Millionaire’s view” where ever you look. They drive through the rural countryside and on the dangerous cliff roads of the region to visit many towns on their journey. It’s a rocky road in more ways than one.


It’s here where there are secrets which come out in the cold light of day. The grey of Paris compared to the sunny yellow of the Amalfi Coast is noticeable. This is where the clues to the puzzle and the archives needed in Rebecca’s research may be found. This is a historical site for archives and research. Now they’re housed in newer building nearby but this could be the place where answers are found in more ways than one.

Booktrailer Review

Emma: @thebooktrailer

A slow burner this. The mystery of the husband going missing is very late in the book. Once that happens, the novel really ramps up the tension and the mystery but I can’t help feeling that there was a little too much back story to get to this point. I did enjoy the mystery though of the fraud allegations and the husband going missing and before that having an affair. There’s a lot to chew on here but did feel frustrated that it took a while to take that first bit.

Having said that, this was an interesting premise that grabbed me and with the series of locations, the mystery seemed to literarily go from one place to another and even in the coastal areas of Victoria to the ancient ruins of Greece,mystery and intrigued followed everyone of the characters around. Being in Rebecca’s head gave the reader the chance to think and stress like her as being accused of fraud would make you feel very insular I imagine so this was a good technique for this story.

It’s a good ‘ who done it and why’ kind of mystery held with various exotic strands which unravel as the book progresses.

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Author/Guide: Ann Turner  Destination: Victoria, Greece, Amalfi Coast, Paris  Departure Time: 2000s

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