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The Little French Recipe Book

The Little French Recipe Book

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2000s: Does cookery have the answers?

  • ISBN: B07ZFDT4Q1
  • Translator: Sarah Robertson
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

For thirty years, Julien has lived with the question as to why his mother, Helene, suddenly walked out on him and his father – and why his father Henri refused to ever speak of her again.

Now, as he sits by his father’s bedside preparing to say goodbye, Julien remembers his father’s long-lost notebook: a gift from Helene in which he jealously kept the recipes that made him the renowned chef of the Relais Fleuri restaurant.

Julien is determined to find this last link to the father he so fiercely loves, and the mother he has never forgotten. But can the secrets to his father’s cooking finally help him understand the other secrets Henri has kept all these years?

Travel Guide

Travel BookTrail style to the gourmet landscape of Eastern France

The author explains why he wanted to set his novel in Eastern France.

” I’ve situated my novel in Eastern France,a region which doesn’t share the celebrity of wine-renowned Burgundy or the late Paul Bocuse’s Lyon. It’s a somewhat plain region, but it’s this plainness which gives French cuisine its singularity: delighting you in turn with a simple homemade boeuf bourguignon or a veal chop elevated to the sublime in the hands of chef Pierre Gagnaire.

I wanted to evoke a French which is always at the dining table, eating, Sharing the simple pleasures of a meal, be it the most simple of dishes, or Michelin-starred fine cuisine. Swapping memories of meals eaten, too, remembering flavours from childhood, passing recipes on to the next generation. France remains, today, and hopefully tomorrow, a country where we eat whilst talking about what we have eaten before and are yet to eat.”

This book tells the story of a little bistro opposite a rural train station and is about showing love through food.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Little French Recipe Book

Destination/location: Frances  Author/guide: Jacky Durand Departure Time: 2000s

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