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  • Location: Norfolk

The Little Book of Norfolk

The Little Book of Norfolk

Why a Booktrail?

Just what kind of stories does Norfolk hide?

  • ISBN: 978-0752461601
  • Genre: Guide book

What you need to know before your trail

The Little Book of Norfolk is a repository of intriguing, fascinating, obscure, strange and entertaining facts and trivia about one of England’s most colourful counties.



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It is an essential to the born and bred Norfolk folk or anyone who knows and loves the county. Armed with this fascinating tome the reader will have such knowledge of the county, its landscape, people, places, pleasures and pursuits they will be entertained and enthralled and never short of some frivolous fact to enhance conversation or quiz!

Some Norfolk facts:

Norwich is the most easterly city in the UK

It’s the driest county in the UK

Dragon Hall on the ancient King Street in Norwich is the only known surviving medieval merchant’s trading hall in Western Europe

It has some 6,329 miles of roads and 250 miles of waterways in the county.

The Medieval Wayland Wood near Watton is said to be the setting for the story ‘Babes in the wood’

A time ball erected on the north-west angel of the battlements of Norwich Castle to announce Greenwich time every day at 10am was heard from the first time on 10 August 1900.

The biggest green in the county is at Buckenham


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Destination :  Norfolk  Author/Guide: Neil R. Storey  Departure Time: 2018

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