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  • Location: New Jersey

The Lindbergh Nanny

The Lindbergh Nanny

Why a Booktrail?

1932: She was the last person to see the Lindbergh baby

  • ISBN: B0B5D16VNK
  • Genre: Crime, Historical, Inspired by true events

What you need to know before your trail

In 1932, all eyes are on Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, the most glamorous and intriguing couple in America. But who was paying attention when, one evening in early March, their baby son was stolen from the family home?

The Lindbergh nanny is the first person to discover Charlie missing… and the last to see him that night.

With the world watching on, Betty must discover the truth about what really happened to young Charlie, to clear her own name – and to find justice for the little boy she loves.

Travel Guide

The Lindbergh home in New Jersey

Highfields was the home of Charles and Anne Lindbergh, the famous aviators. It was the location of the Lindbergh kidnapping, after which it was turned into a rehabilitation centre.

Over two months later, the baby’s body was discovered a short distance from Highfields in Hopewell Township with a massive skull fracture.

After a ling investigation, lasting more than two-years, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested, tried in one of the so-called trials of the century, and convicted of the crime. He was executed by electric chair at New Jersey State Prison on April 3, 1936.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Deceit

Destination: New Jersey  Author/guide: Mariah Fredericks  Time: 1932

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