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The Hunting Season

The Hunting Season

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2000s: Discover Bologna through the eyes of English detective Daniel Leicester

  • ISBN: 978-1472131591
  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

It’s truffle season and in the hills around Bologna the hunt is on for the legendary Boscuri White, the golden nugget of Italian gastronomy. But when an American truffle ‘supertaster’ goes missing, English detective Daniel Leicester discovers not all truffles are created equal. Did the missing supertaster bite off more than he could chew?

As he goes on the hunt for Ryan Lee, Daniel discovers the secrets behind ‘Food City’, from the immigrant kitchen staff to the full scale of a multi-million Euro business. After a key witness is found dead at the foot of one of Bologna’s famous towers, the stakes could not be higher. Daniel teams up with a glamorous TV reporter, but the deeper he goes into the disappearance of the supertaster the darker things become. Murder is once again on the menu, but this time Daniel himself stands accused. And the only way he can clear his name is by finding Ryan Lee…

Travel Guide

BookTrail the hills around Bologna for truffles

It’s truffle season and in the hills around Bologna the hunt is on for the legendary Boscuri White, the golden nugget of Italian gastronomy. This novel really gives you the flavour of the art of truffle hunting and the way they are used in food. There’s lots of culinary treats in store and you will be searching for the things yourself by the end of the novel.

Bologna is a characters in itself with streets, cultural sights and historical anecdotes mixed into the plot.

The author says……

Daniel’s trail, which begins in the restaurants of Bologna, will eventually lead him to the wilds of the Emilian countryside and the fictional town of truffle rich Boscuri, but are Boscuri’s truffles all they seem?

First, we follow Daniel through the streets of Bologna, beginning at ‘our little Via Mirasole, then on to d’Azeglio, crossing the cobbled road and stepping up to the old orphanage – the Bastardini – where warm light flooded between the tall red-brick columns. I slowed along with the other pedestrians to savour every last lick of summer. The church bells, which seemed to keep their own hours, began to peal.’

Daniel Leicester lifts the lid of Bologna’s attempts to rebrand itself as ‘City of Food’ and the high price that some are prepared to pay – and not only for the famed truffle, the ‘Boscuri White’

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BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Hunting Season

Destination/location: Bologna   Author/guide: Tom Benjamin Departure Time: 2000s

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