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  • Location: Bhutan

The History of Bhutan

The History of Bhutan

Why a Booktrail?

One of the first attempts to uncover the history of Bhutan in English

  • ISBN: 978-8184007671
  • Genre: Guide book, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

The first-ever attempt to cover the entire history of Bhutan in some detail in English, combining both traditional perspectives and modern academic analysis. Written by a leading expert on the country, the book tells the story of Bhutan in a narrative style interspersed with some analytical and topical discussion, and numerous citations and translations from earlier writings. It is primarily a historical account, but it also includes substantive discussions of Bhutan’s geography, culture and society to give the readers an incisive introduction to the country.

Travel Guide

Travel BookTrail Style to Bhutan

Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge.

It’s known for its monasteries, fortresses (or dzongs) and dramatic landscapes from valleys to mountains and sweeping horizons. Some of the most remote communities and monasteries are here.

Paro Taktsang monastery (also known as Tiger’s Nest) is a particular spot very popular with tourists.

BookTrail Boarding Pass Information: The History of Bhutan

Destination: Bhutan Author/guide: Karma Phuntsho   Departure Time: History

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