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The Gunpowder Plot: Terror And Faith In 1605 (1)

The Gunpowder Plot: Terror And Faith In 1605 (1)

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1605: Remember, remember, the Fifth of November …

  • ISBN: 978-1407216133
  • Genre: Historical, Non-Fiction

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With a narrative that grips the reader like a detective story, Antonia Fraser brings the characters and events of the Gunpowder Plot to life.

Dramatically recreating the conditions and motives that surrounded the fateful night of 5 November 1605, she unravels the tangled web of religion and politics that spawned the plot.

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Guy Fawkes was one of a group of English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. He fought for Catholic Spain in the Eighty Years’ War against Protestant Dutch reformers and the later travelled to Spain to seek support for a Catholic rebellion in England without success. He later met Thomas Wintour and Robert Catesby, who planned to assassinate King James I  in order to restore a Catholic monarch to the throne. Guy Fawkes was placed in charge of the gunpowder which was stored underneath  parliament.

He was caught and set to die at the Tower of London but broke his neck by falling from the scaffold before he could be hanged. This is the man whose effigy is traditionally burned on a bonfire on November 5th.


Guy Fawkes was born on 13 April 1570 at 25 High Petergate in the shadow of York Minster. He was baptised at the church of St Michael le Belfrey nearby.

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B) London - Houses of Parliament
E) York - Guy Fawkes birthplace

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Destination: London  Author/Guide: Antonia Fraser  Departure Time: 1605

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