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  • Location: Guernsey

The French House

The French House

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WW2: Freedom worth fighting for. Love worth waiting for.

  • ISBN: B08ZXT7X6C
  • Genre: Historical, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Left profoundly deaf after an accident, Émile is no stranger to isolation – or heartbreak. Now, as Nazi planes loom over Guernsey, he senses life is about to change forever.

Trapped in a tense, fearful marriage, Isabelle doesn’t know what has become of Émile and the future she hoped for. But when she glimpses him from the window of the French House, their lives collide once more.

Leutnant Schreiber is more comfortable wielding a paintbrush than a pistol. But he has little choice in the role he is forced to play in the occupying forces – or in his own forbidden desires.

As their paths entwine, loyalties are blurred and dangerous secrets forged. But on an island under occupation, courage can have deadly consequences…

Travel Guide

Guernsey and the Nazi invasion

The novel looks at  life in Guernsey during the Second World War, and the ways the Germans changed lives for ever for those living on the island. The island is of course normally cut off from the island, but it’s harder when the Germans come and completely cut off any freedoms the locals might have had. Life is now filled with restrictions, shortagles and much suffering.

There is a nice added literary link to this novel –  It is interesting though, learning about Haunteville House where novelist Victor Hugo lived during his exile from France.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The French House

Destination/Location: Guernsey  Author: Jacquie Bloese  Departure: WW2

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