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  • Location: Devon, Scottish Highlands, Iceland

The Family Secret

The Family Secret

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1991, 2009: Two families, twice as many secrets

  • ISBN: B07HXYZ36L
  • Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

What you need to know before your trail

Amber leads an isolated existence. Since she lost her little girl and husband ten years ago, her sole focus has been keeping her small business afloat. Her life seems to be on hold until one morning, she finds a girl on the beach outside her gift shop. A girl that has no shoes, no name, and no idea where she came from.

As a wildlife documentary maker, Gwyneth’s work has taken her all over the world, from the diamond ice beaches of Iceland to the frozen plains of Alaska. But when she has a terrible accident in the remote Scottish highlands, she is saved by the McClusky family and taken into the extravagant lodge they inhabit nearby. As welcoming as they are, there is something more to this family than meets the eye, and Gwyneth suspects a long-held secret is threatening to tear them apart.

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The locations might be vague and/or fictional but the atmosphere and landscape are thrilling and exciting. Gwyneth is  a wildlife documentary maker and her work has taken her all over the world, from the diamond ice beaches of Iceland to the frozen plains of Alaska. She talks about these frozen landscapes, the amazing and breathtaking sights in Iceland in particular (and these ones are real – yippee!)

Dylan’s lodge is located in the gorgeous Kirkjubæjarklaustur area and the filming of the seals takes place on the very nicely named Diamond Beach.

Scottish Highlands

Audhild Loch might be fictional but take a drive up to Scrabster where one character drives past and comes across the loch. Plenty of talk of open fires, a nice cosy lodge and protection from the elements to warm you up after the jaunts to Iceland.


The author got the inspiration for the novel by walking on a Devon beach when it was frosty. There are many to choose from but the one in the novel Winterton Chine sadly is fictional.


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Destination: Devon, Orkney Islands, Iceland Author/guide: Tracy Buchanan Departure Time: 1999, 2009

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