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The End of the Ocean

The End of the Ocean

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2019, 2040: A worldwide water shortage. A father and daughter’s fight to survive.

  • ISBN: 978-1471175510
  • Genre: Fantasy/Sci Fi

What you need to know before your trail

In 2019, seventy-year-old Signe sets out on a hazardous voyage to cross an entire ocean in only a sailboat. She is haunted by the loss of the love of her life, and is driven by a singular and all-consuming mission to make it back to him.

In 2041, David flees with his young daughter, Lou, from a war-torn Southern Europe plagued by drought. They have been separated from their rest of their family and are on a desperate search to reunite with them once again, when they find Signe’s abandoned sailboat in a parched French garden, miles away from the nearest shore.

Travel Guide

Travel the world via water and its water supply….



The village and valleys created by water. As the book opens, we learn of the power of water, the growing glacier, the land that Signe has grown up with and which she knows very well. This is her home and she loves it. It’s majestic, regal and you can see the power of water which shapes the land and the people.

“We were two village that shared a mountain and a glacier and we’d had them for as long as we could remember. One side of the mountain was  vertical wall, where the Sister Falls descended, they crashed straight down for 711 meters towards Lake Eide, a deep green body of water after which the village was named, Eidesdalen, and which provided fertile growing conditions there for animals and human beings.”

But the power of water, of this landscape is devastating in so many ways:

“The glacier has moved, as if trying to escape, get away from humans.”


this is where the water is short supply. Where the sky is blue but here people hate blues skies as it means there are no rain clouds to be found.They think they see water but it’s the shimmer of the heat on the dry land. There are camps of people dotted around the region where people survive in a world where water is a scarcity. There are ‘ water countries’ and ‘ non-water countries”

The future in France:

“Desalination was the future, Thomas used to say.And he told us about the facilities in other places in the world, in Florida and southern Spain, where there were many. These were the facilities that irrigated the ever expanding desert.”

The future in Norway:

“People travel here from far away to see the landscape and found the sight to be “Beautiful, fantastic, amazing.” They stand on ship decks as large as football fields while enormous diesel engines spew out exhaust fumes….”

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Destination: Norway, Bordeaux, Worldwide  Author/Guide: Maja Lunde  Departure Time: 2019, 2041

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