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  • Location: Madrid, Sintra, Paris, Toledo

The Dumas Club

The Dumas Club

Why a Booktrail?

19th, 20th Century: A book about a BOOK DETECTIVE!!???? This is a booktrail waiting to happen surely. Set mainly in Madrid and Paris. The book world with all its literary references is the only setting you will care about.

  • ISBN: 978-0156032834
  • Translator: Sonia Soto
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

TheLucas Corso is a book detective who hunts down rare editions for wealthy and unscrupulous clients. When a well-known bibliophile is found dead, leaving behind part of the original manuscript of Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, Corso is brought in to authenticate the fragment. He is soon drawn into a swirling plot involving characters who would not look out of place in a Dumas masterpiece.

Travel Guide

Corso travels from Madrid to Toledo to Paris on the killer’s trail. A twisty thriller through the book world.

This has been made into a movie called The Ninth Gate starring Johnny Depp which is a chilling experience! It’s also been called a cross between Umberto Eco and Anne Rice – so you can imagine what the atmosphere and setting is really like.

Pérez-Reverte  is the ultimate guide through a labyrinth of many places in many countries almost like the best of literary guides whilst also following the story lines and settings of two books : “The Three Musketeers;” and “The Book of the Nine Doors in Kingdom of Shadows,” . There are shadows of the occult and devil worship, and the swash buckling heros of the Dumas novels themselves.

Meung-sur-Loire in the Loiret dept in north-central France also appears as the setting in one the Three Musketeers -(Liana playing out her part as Milady has seemingly escaped here)

Is this the plot of a book or a book within a book? You’ll not have read a book like this before, nor been on quite this kind of literary adventure before so it was  quite the thrill.

There are many references to other novels and the strong theme is the book of the Three Musketeers and the character of Rochefort . Many books of Alexandre Dumas are the central theme.

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