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  • Location: Toronto (Parkdale)

The Damages

The Damages

Why a Booktrail?

1998, 2020: In 1998, Ontario has been hit by a days-long, life-endangering ice storm

  • ISBN: 978-0857308696
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

1998. Ontario has been hit by a days-long, life-endangering ice storm, and on Regis University campus, with classes cancelled, the students are partying. In the midst of it all, eighteen-year-old Ros’s roommate Megan goes missing. As a panicked search ensues, Ros is blamed for not keeping a closer eye on Megan, and the incident casts a shadow over the next two decades of her life.

2020. Ros’s former partner, Lukas, the father of her eleven-year-old son, is accused of a sexual assault. The accusation brings new details of an old story to light, forcing Ros to revisit a dark moment from her past. Ros must take a hard look not only at the father of her child, but also at her own mistakes, her own trauma, and at the supposedly liberal period she grew up in.

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The North American Ice Storm of 1998 (also known as the Great Ice Storm of 1998 or the January Ice Storm) that struck all the way from eastern Ontario to southern Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada.

I personally experienced this ice storm and it is one of the most amazing yet awful things I have ever been through. So much snow and ice. The cold! The having to stay at home or use snow shoes to leave the house. People dying digging their cars out of the snow or being buried by the snow hills that form on either side of the street. Having the army come into the city to take away what snow and ice they could. Still can’t believe it!

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BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Damages

Destination/Location: Toronto , (Parkdale) Author: Genevieve Scott Departure: 1998, 2020

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