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The Cat Who Walked Across France 

The Cat Who Walked Across France 

Why a Booktrail?

Join a cute little cat named as he walks across France to return to his seaside home

  • ISBN: 978-0374399689
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

In St Tropez, a cat lives with its owner, an old woman who calls him Kitty and takes care of him. At night he sleeps alongside her and the two share a nice bond. So when she dies, all her belongings (including the cat are shipped up north near Rouen) Well, the cat is so sad to have lost his owner and his home that he decides to go looking for it.
It can’t be that far can it?

But it’s the journey which takes him across Paris, via many different destinations to St Tropez in the south that will be the ultimate challenge this cat has ever faced. What happens if and when he gets there?

Travel Guide

From Rouen to St Tropez, via many destinations including the Loire Valley – all via the eyes of a cat who is determined to find his way home. It’s like walking through a series of paintings – the illustrations are Monet and Van Gough inspired and the cat walks by a Monet coloured Notre Dame where he begs for scraps in the big capital city and spends most of his time escaping flee ridden dogs.

This is the journey of a cat and all the challenges that a cat would have making his way through various French cities. And there are many – the snow in the Alps where he has to shelter and the many bridges he spends time at drinking the water below.

And all the time, he’s wanting to get home – to the St Tropez home he remembered all these years. The call of the sea is powerful for this cat and he takes on a journey via paintings and lush landscapes to show us what he sees and why he wants to return to the big old stone house near the water.

There ‘s a gorgeous map in the book so you can really track him and see everything through his eyes as you read.

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