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The Adventures of Marco Polo

The Adventures of Marco Polo

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1254 – 1324: Listen along with this audio account of Marco Polo’s Travels

  • ISBN: B019HKU486
  • Genre: Adventure

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Spread over a series of quarter-hour episodes, the series relates all the details of Polo’s remarkable adventures.

traveling with Marco Polo to the romantic and unexplored lands of the east in this fully dramatized adaptation of his amazing, exciting, and action-packed journeys.

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Marco Polo and his travelling

Polo was a Venetian traveller and writer who was one of the first westerners to visit China.

He was born in around 1254 into a wealthy and cosmopolitan Venetian merchant family.  In 1260, they left Venice to travel to the Black Sea, moving onwards to central Asia and joining a diplomatic mission to the court of Kublai Khan, the Mongol ruler of China.

In 1271, they set off to Khan’s summer court. For the next 17 years the Polos lived in the emperor’s lands. Marco Polo got on very well with the Mongol ruler and he got to travel to many places in and around china on various missions he was sent on

The Polos eventually departed for Europe and reached Venice in 1295. Marco became involved in a naval conflict between Venice and Genoa and in 1298 was captured by the Genoese. He wrote many of his works whilst in prison.

After Polo was released he returned to Venice. He died in the city on 8 January 1324.

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Destination: Venice, the world  Author/Guide: George Edwards  Departure Time: 1254 – 1324

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