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  • Location: Mallorca

The Tale of Senyor Rodriguez

The Tale of Senyor Rodriguez

Why a Booktrail?

1964: a riotous tale of excess, desire and greed, set in a sultry Spanish island summer

  • ISBN: 978-1912054053
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

It’s 1960’s Mallorca and Thomas Sebastian is an English conman on the run.

Hoping to evade his creditors, he’s taken an old Spanish finca as his hideout. He discovers the house untouched since the death of its last owner, the renowned and distinguished Senyor Rodriguez – with fine art on the walls, a library of books and cellar full of wine. Thomas slips easily into his new life – walking, reading and drinking; falling in love with his neighbour, the beautiful but impossibly young Isabella Ferretti. But when he puts on Rodriguez’ white linen suit and heads into the city, things get a little out of hand

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The run down finca where it seems to be paradise

The island of Mallorca

The locations in this novel are vague or sadly fictional. Plus it is 1964 after all. However the vivid writing evokes another sunny world you will want to escape to ..
The path climbed up between the cliff edge and a low dry wall which was capped with shrubbery, and then a little further on, we saw on our right two ancient stone posts with a dusty drive between.

The remnants of its rusted iron gates hung open against the banked up boundary wall. We took the turning, passed through an assortment of mimosa trees and myrtle bushes dotted with tall palms, and then there before us was the finca.

“The place reminded me of one of those stately homes opened to the public where the rooms are cordoned off and one must reach one’s top haf over the red rope and crane one’s neck just to see properly”
There are a lot of books in the house, books in many different languages and and ornaments of all descriptions, nice furniture and the man had also been an avid collector of art. Thomas is excited to be living amongst all this finery for a while! There’s even a gramophone!

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  The Tale of Senyor Rodriguez

Destination : Mallorca  Author/Guide: Lou Gilmond  Departure Time: 1964

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