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  • Location: London, Cairo

Take Me To Your Heart Again (The Redcliffe Sisters 2 )

Take Me To Your Heart Again (The Redcliffe Sisters 2 )

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1942: And you think your sibling rivalry is bad?

  • ISBN: 978-1503936539
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

The world is at war. And somewhere else another kind of war is brewing.

Isobel, the eldest of the Redcliffe sisters, impulsive and ideological, strives to make herself heard in a world distracted by violence. But her ambitious new path is strewn with obstacles, not least a private scandal that threatens to become public.

Optimist Chiara has had to  set aside teenage dreams and make way for the unexpected realities of adulthood—but who can she count on for help?

Meanwhile Felicity has challenges of a more spiritual nature: will her journey of self-discovery lead her away from the convent she thought was her calling?

Separated by distance and war, Isobel, Chiara and Felicity must learn to confront life’s challenges with passion, strength—and unity. Because family is the tie that binds tightest of all.

Travel Guide


There are many signs of the war still in London if you look at the buildings, the scars on the walls and the crumbling street signs. There are a few places that showcase and help illustrate the time as evoked in the novel

Fortum and Mason

A very exclusive store from 1707 which sells everything you never knew you didn’t need. The Queen shops there apparently. Waltz down the curly staircase in the middle of the store in a puffy skirt and feel as if you shop there all the time.

Churchill War Rooms

These secret underground headquarters where Prime Minister Winston Churchill lived and worked during WWII really are something and you get a sense of what went on during the time that no one knew about!

Chiara has lost everything in the blitz and feels very alone in the city she still finds home. Now pregnant and alone this is not the city she has known from her youth. Air raids are a horrific and life changing experience.


Felicity has had to give up her dream of being a nun. She now works as a clerk in Cairo,  a city also on the edge as is London. Cairo is preparing for for an invasion by Rommel’s Afrika Corps. The war is everywhere and in everyone’s lives.

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Take Me To Your Heart Again (Redcliffe Sisters 2)

Author/Guide: Marius Gabriel Destination: London, Cairo  Departure Time: 1942

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