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  • Location: Cornwall

Summer of Secrets

Summer of Secrets

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1939, 2000s: A secret can span the decades and still have the power to haunt

  • ISBN: 978-1472241184
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

August 1939. At peaceful Summerhill, orphaned Maddy hides from the world and the rumours of war. Then her adored sister Georgina returns from a long trip with a new friend, the handsome Victor. Maddy fears that Victor is not all he seems, but she has no idea just what kind of danger has come into their lives…

Today. Chloe is newly pregnant. This should be a joyful time, but she is fearful for the future, despite her husband’s devotion. When chance takes her to Summerhill, she’s drawn into the mystery of what happened there decades before. And the past reaches out to touch her in ways that could change everything…

Travel Guide


Fictional Summerhill between Helston and Portsmouth (c) Google

Fictional Summerhill between Helston and Portsmouth (c) Google

The locations in this novel are vague and the main one Summerhill is fictional. The author explains the corner of the world she writes about is the most stunning and magical places she knows and if Summerhill did exist then it would be  some where between Helton and Plymouth.

Hangman’s Bluff is also fictional but there are many beautiful coves to explore and name for yourself.

Cornwall during the war was a tricky time and ships and planes would be found burned out, soldiers would be found injured or dead and all the while, the planes were circling overhead. Women had to be strong.

In the present day, a story about domestic violence plays out showing an additional journey of strength a character must go on.

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Destination : Cornwall  Author/Guide: Nikola Scott  Departure Time: 1929, 2000s

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