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Why a Booktrail?

Medieval times and earlier: A new illustrated mythology of Britain,

  • Genre: Horror

What you need to know before your trail

Soaked in mist and old magic, Storyland is a new illustrated mythology of Britain, set in its wildest landscapes.

It begins between the Creation and Noah’s Flood, follows the footsteps of the earliest generation of giants from an age when the children of Cain and the progeny of fallen angels walked the earth, to the founding of Britain, England, Wales and Scotland, the birth of Christ, the wars between Britons, Saxons and Vikings, and closes with the arrival of the Normans.

Travel Guide

BookTrail Medieval Britain

These are retellings of medieval tales of legend, landscape and the yearning to belong, inhabited with characters now half-remembered: Brutus, Albina, Scota, Arthur and Bladud among them.

We visit beautiful, sacred places that include prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge and Wayland’s Smithy, spanning the length of Britain from the archipelago of Orkney to as far south as Cornwall; mountains and lakes such as Snowdon and Loch Etive and rivers including the Ness, the Soar and the story-silted Thames in a vivid, beautiful tale of our land steeped in myth.

Ireland and Mount Killaraus

The name mons Killaraus could mean the “hill of Killare” and could refer to the Hill of Uisneach. This is an ancient ceremonial site which was seen as the sacred centre of Ireland.

Bath and Bladud

Prince Bladud, legendary father of King Lear, may well have been the first ever person to bathe in the naturally hot, mineral-rich waters


Stonehenge is the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world,

Wayland’s Smithy

Wayland’s Smithy is a two-phase Neolithic tomb, built along the Ridgeway close to a north scarp of the Downs above the Vale of the White Horse in south ..


Merlin was said to be a prophet and a madman who became well-known in Arthurian legend. He is associated with the town of Carmarthen in South Wales

Booktrailer Review

What a wonderful book! This is a book of booktrails if you had a time machine. I wish I had as I’d love to go back to when Stonehenge was formed, when Loch Ness was first thought to have a monster and when Merlin roamed the earth.

I felt as if this was a time travelling kind of tome. It’s quite heavy but that’s with all the wisdom and legends within. The author has done a good job of selecting legends and landscapes around the country with literary associations. There’s Kings, wizards, stone circles and monsters in lochs. Something for everyone.

The author is an  art historian and printmaker  and her passion for her subject come through loud and clear. It’s all very accessible and easy to follow but what an adventure! Loved it!

Ah if only I could get that time machine and travel to these places as they were then. IT would be quite a treat to do that in real life, taking this book as your guide. Storyland is a great title for a book full of both.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Storyland

Destination/location: British Isles  Author/guide: Amy Jeffs Departure Time: Medieval times

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