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  • Location: Stockholm

Stockholm Octavo

Stockholm Octavo

Why a Booktrail?

1791 – the 18th C and and an octavo are an interesting mix and it’s always nice to travel to Stockholm – a game of chance and an intriguing premise showcasing the best old parts of Stockholm and its old town – very intriguing and completely enhanced by the book!

  • ISBN: 978-1444742718
  • Genre: Historical, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Emil Larsson is a sekretaire (bureaucrat) in 1791 Stockholm. He is a drinker, card player, and contented bachelor who enjoys gambling and similar risky pursuits.
But his bosses aren’t exactly happy with him and tell him that his position at the Office of Excise and Customs depends on him settling down and finding a wife.

One evening, a fortune-teller and proprietor of an exclusive gaming parlour tells him of a vision she has had: a golden path that will lead him to love and connection.
She lays an Octavo for him, a spread of eight cards that augur the eight individuals who can help him realize this vision—but he has to find them first…

Travel Guide

This tale of cards is combined with political intrigue in Stockholm set against the French revolution. Women wield fans as weapons and not just as a way to cool down – they act as subtle ways of communicating messages in a stifling court environment. In this Stockholm, dealings and insider plot twists are lurking behind every page.

“Stockholm is called the Venice of the North, and with good reason, Travellers claim that it is just as complex, just as grand, and just as mysterious as its sister to the south”

This Stockholm is one of intrigue, mystery, conspiracy and a little bit of old-fashioned romance. The main focus is undoubtedly intrigue and mystery and the old town of Gamla Stan in Stockholm comes alive with the story of Emil Larsson and his search for these 8 mysterious strangers.

Mrs Sparrow is the owner of the gambling house. She has garnered powers and a vision which takes Emil around the city in the search for love and good fortune. Then Mrs Sparrow wins a folding fan in a card game, a fan like no other and it is then that the Octavo’s true powers are revealed.

Delve into a world of the Swedish monarchy, the power of the Octavo and the lure and mystic of Stockholm’s Old Town in the 18th century. Feel the chill of the winter nights, the sparking waters, the glow of the royal buildings but be sure to hold your cards to your chest and listen to the language of the fans.

There is a handbook companion to this novel which focuses on the art of cartomancy! – karenengelmann.com/the-octavo-handbook

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