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  • Location: Manaus, Amazon Rainforest

State of Wonder

State of Wonder

Why a Booktrail?

2000s:  A journey deep into the heart of the Amazon is thrilling and chilling at the same time and it being an unlikely place for a real visit, this is the ideal way to see it!

  • ISBN: 978-1408818596
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Along the banks of the Rio Negro in Brazil, a scientist is working on a drug that could potentially alter many women’s lives. She is not saying much about her work however nor her progress. Interested parties are keen to find out so Anders Eckman, a lab researcher is sent to find out. But he is soon dead.

Anders wife is worried. What is going on? When his colleague Marina is then asked to go and find out what is wrong, she is determined to find out the truth.She heads off to the rain forests of South America in order to investigate but the world she encounters is a strange one and the darkness and damp marshes hide secrets of their own.

Just how much danger is she is? What was the project her colleague was working on and will Marina be allowed to return home to tell the tale?

Travel Guide

Well if it’s not too much of a cliche to say – this book left us in a state of wonder. Wonder at the amazing story and wonder at how it must have been for one woman to set sail to the rain forests of the Amazon – not the most hospitable landscape for anyone, least of all a woman.

The jungle is a mass of ‘tangled greenery’ where ‘the jungle looks so impenetrable that Marina couldn’t imagine how birds were able to fly into it”

In her search for a former colleague and to see what kind of progress she was making on her research, the journey takes her right into the heart of the jungle where she meets a number of interesting characters such as a tribe of people who might have been able to help with the fertility experiments and experiences a range of various settings and landscapes.

“The jungle is a place of cannibals, dangerous snakes, poisonous foods and the constant noise of the bussing insects.”

“An insect flew against her ear, emitting a sound so piercing that her head snapped back as if struck. Another insect bit her cheek just as she raised her hand to drive…”

We found this site that’s good for a visit – tours of the amazon


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B) Manaus bridge and harbour
B) Manaus - Praia da Ponta Negra Beach

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Guide: Ann Patchett   Destination: Manaus   Departure Time: 2000s

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