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  • Location: Andalusia, Almería, Granada, Yegen

South from Granada

South from Granada

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1920s, 1930s: A fascinating account of a remote and unknown spanish village during a time of turmoil.

  • ISBN: 978-1568361840
  • Genre: Autobiography/memoirs

What you need to know before your trail

Between 1920 and 1934, Gerald Brenan lived in the remote Spanish village of Yegen. This book depicts his time there but it also places the reader right beside him via every one of the five senses. For this is a travel guide extraordinaire in that the history, landscape, culture and folklore of the area come to life and you will discover things about the region of Andalusia that you will not read anywhere else.

Travel Guide

A snapshot of a place that time forgot, a picture of a time gone by. The places in the book are real and many of them still untouched today so a visit there would not be difficult to recreate with this unique viewpoint of the area. This is a photograph, a video diary and a personal account all in one of the people living in the Alpujarra mountain area, the small and fascinating village of Yeger where he lived for seven years. This visit is not confined to village life however as travels to Granada and Almería and to the famous Sierra Nevada mountains come across as brightly colourful snapshots. Imagine this landscape, as the author experienced it and see southern Spain come to life before your very eyes as Spain develops, adapts and comes fully into focus.

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