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  • Location: Catalonia, Pyrenees

Sendero de Estrellas

Sendero de Estrellas

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1522: In the Catalan Pyrenees, an orphan finds she has unexpected powers of healing.

  • ISBN: 978-8419638533
  • Genre: Fiction, Foreign fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

Núria is orphaned at the age of ten and a lonely albino healer takes her in. The girl will soon discover that she has a special gift for seeking natural remedies and in the vast remote land, there are plenty of plants to practice her new skills with. However, she has always wanted to find her extended family – she can’t believe she could be all alone in the world.

She soon meets Guim, a young medical student and the pair of them do their best to avoid dangers and face the fury unleashed by superstition. Núria decides to embark on a journey in search of her family and learn new ways of producing healing potions for the villagers she meets. However, these are dangerous times and the are shadows of suspicion all around them.

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Cerdanya  is the historical region of the eastern Pyrenees divided between France and Spain. Historically it was one of the counties of Catalonia. Cerdanya has a land area of 1,086 km 2 , divided almost evenly between Spain (50.3%) and France (49.7%). La Cerdanya is best known amongst Barcelona locals and tourists for its skiing.

However in this book it becomes a land of discovery and shadows. Suspicion in a society where women are controlled. If they dare to do something different, especially in the realms of medicine and healing, they are treated with mistrust.

The country here lends itself to mystery and a landscape where tradition and suspicion lie side by side.


Booktrail Boarding Pass: Sendero de estrellas

Destination: Cerdanya, Pyrenees  Author/Guide:  Marta Renato Departure Time: 1522

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