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  • Location: Cambridgeshire, Wisbech

Remain Silent

Remain Silent

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2000s: The body of a young migrant is found hanging from a tree.

  • ISBN: 978-0008273798
  • Genre: Police Procedural

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The body of a young migrant is found hanging from a tree.

No signs of struggle. No indication that it is anything other than a tragic suicide.

Except for a note, pinned to his trousers, that reads ‘The dead cannot speak’.

A murder investigation begins with DI Manon Bradshaw at the helm. But with the other migrants unwilling to speak, and protests on the streets, hatred is starting to drown out the facts.

Can Manon uncover the truth before it happens again?

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A Cambridgeshire set police procedural with a visit to the small village of Wisbech. Having a police drama played out in a small village is often more interesting than in a city – this is  a place where crime is more unexpected somehow and if there is crime, it’s usually not of the kind you get in big cities. Sadly, here it is, with the plight of immigrants and the police and community treatment of them explored.

There is one poor soul found hanging on a tree and this kicks off a very sad and poignant investigation. Sadly very apt for our times.

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Destination/location: Cambridgeshire, Wisbech   Author/Guide: Susie Steiner Departure Time: 2000s

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