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Quietly My Captain Waits

Quietly My Captain Waits

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1700s: A booktrail based on a true historical background is always a thrill

  • ISBN: 978-0887805448
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

“Quietly My Captain Waits” is a thrilling novel of two lovers whose fates are sealed in the early 1700s in Acadia.

The novel is based on the real-life love of two bold residents of New France–the fiery Louise de Freneuse, married and widowed twice, and Pierre de Bonaventure, Captain in the French Navy.

They must endure the day-to-day struggles in the besieged frontier settlement of Port Royal yet their love story, however doomed, gets them through.

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The tale is based on factual accounts set in the early settlements of the part of Canada known as Acadia. But the backdrop is not the real setting here as the love affair between Madame de Freneuse and her captain Monsieur de Bonaventure is.

But since these two people are part of the history of this part of Canada and descriptions of its landscape and people can be read here, they are as much as part of the history and the landscape of the region. Fascinating.

Acadia/Nova Scoti has a rich and interesting history that is not well known outside of Canada nor indeed French speaking Canada but it is an area that is rich in culture and history, some of which comes out against this fictional yet based on fact backdrop.

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