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Postcards from Goa

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1945, 1998:  A story of love and loss across the years and the continents

  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

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Goa, India 1945

India sought to reclaim her land from 400 years of Portuguese rule. Amidst the turmoil, and hatred, a friendship is born between two people from opposing sides.

Nova Scotia, Canada 1998

Five decades later, and thousands of miles away, the story begins to unfold. Will the curiosity to solve the mystery, be enough for one woman to travel to India to find the truth?


Travel Guide

Goa Guide from the author:

Postcards from Goa evokes the feelings one experiences when visiting Goa, India, with its charm, lush greenery, spice plantations, waterfalls, and magnificent beaches. It covers two time periods in recent history. First, 1945, when Portugal still ruled over India, and secondly 1998, when Goa, although no longer Portugal’s domain, had, and still has today, retained its Portuguese influence. This is especially true in the section of Panjim known as Fontainhas or the Latin Quarter, resembling Lisbon, its sister city. It possesses a unique culture, filled with music, including the famous Portuguese fados, the aromas of vavo’s cooking, the colourfully painted houses which line the narrow streets, and the crafted azulezos; all melded together with the music, food, and culture of India, making it a feast for the senses.

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Postcards from Goa

Author/Guide: Simran Silva    Destination: Goa  Departure Time: 1945

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