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  • Location: Argentina, The Pampas

On the Pampas 

On the Pampas 

Why a Booktrail?

Anytime – Imagine spending your summer on your grandparents’ ranch in the Argentine pampas.

  • ISBN: 978-0805015485
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

A young girl spends the summer on her grandparents’ ranch in the Argentine pampas. In a series of vignettes, she tells us about what she gets up to when she’s there – this is some place to have a holiday when you’re little. There’s horse-riding, learning how to lasso a calf and bake cakes with nandu eggs.

The landscape lends itself to a whole series of new experiences and new adventures and as she explores and experiences the Argentine pampas in the only way a little girl can. What an adventure!



Travel Guide

The Argentina Pampas are vast plains which cross Argentina from the coast to the Andean mountains, bounded by the Gran Chaco in the north and Patagonia in the south. They’re called the pampas as this comes from  a Quechua word meaning a flat surface. And the land is indeed very very flat.

This story of a young girl seeing the flat, desert pampas as her ultimate playground is to see the landscape as not just a barren and empty place but one where people live and work as they have done for many years.

The illustrations bring the energy and the landscape to life as they evoke the horse riding and art of lassoing, and show how the landscape of a place is the essence of life there.

Where else would you find out what bird lays a nandu egg and what on earth you could cook with it?

Life on an estancia in Argentina might not be easy but it’s a challenging and fascinating world.

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