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  • Location: Edinburgh (Leith) Haddington

No Sorrow To Die (Alice Rice 4)

No Sorrow To Die (Alice Rice 4)

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2000s: Someone is stalking the terminally ill of Edinburgh

  • ISBN: 978-1846971754
  • Genre: Crime

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Heather Brodie’s disabled husband lies dead, his throat cut from ear to ear.

Who wanted Gavin Brodie dead? Many people, including Gavin himself it would seem as this tragic story reveals that he had an incurable illness and had begged to be allowed to die.

When another terminally-ill man is killed in his bedroom, DS Alice Rice realises that there may be a serial killer with a mission to get rid of the sick.

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Edinburgh might be a capital city, bit it was a small one, an intricate one of where words travelled easily and secrets were seldom kept. The place remained little more than a series of interlinked villages, and scandalous tales,usually of infidelity or embezzlement, knew no boundaries; they passed from Bruntsfield to Taveleston, Costorphine to Comely Bank as easily as the air itself. Nowhere was completely safe.

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C) Edinburgh - India Street
E) Haddington - Main Street

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: No Sorrow to Die (Alice Rice 4)

Author/ Guide: Gillian Galbraith  Destination: Edinburgh, Haddington  Departure Time: 2000s

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