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  • Location: Southampton , Atlantic Ocean

My Best Friend on the Titanic

My Best Friend on the Titanic

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1912: The Titanic story told for six year olds and upwards.

  • ISBN: B07T73SQ9X
  • Genre: Childrens, Inspired by true events

What you need to know before your trail

When the most famous ship in the world set sail from Southampton on 10 April 1912, little did anyone know that her maiden voyage would also be her last. Two young passengers – Evie and William – determined to become fast friends, despite their differences, pass notes back and forth as history is made. But what will happen when the iceberg hits?



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What was life like on the Titanic?

RMS Titanic was on her maiden voyage and was due to sail from Southampton to New York via Ireland. The ship hit an iceberg in the middle of the ocean at 11.40pm and sank some two hours and forty minutes later.

Many very rich people were on this special journey but there were many more ordinary people and immigrants who were travelling to New York for a new life. This book looks at that journey and what life was like onboard.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: My Best Friend on the Titanic

Destination/location: Southampton, Atlantic Ocean  Author/guide: Sally Morgan  Departure Time: 1915

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