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Mai Pen Rai – Means never mind

Mai Pen Rai – Means never mind

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1950s: An expat housewife’s guide to Thailand

  • ISBN: 978-9748303352
  • Genre: Guide book, Travelogue

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1960s expat Bangkok comes to life

First published in 1965, this is a fascinating, biographical account of “an American housewife’s honest love affair with the irrepressible people of Thailand.”

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Carol Hollinger was a housewife, mother, and teacher, and Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind – this is her account of her experience in all those roles during her stay in Thailand, where her husband was stationed in the US Foreign Service. A brilliant observer of customs, manners, and cultural differences, she writes frankly and unsparingly of herself and her fellow Americans, and relates both the fun and frustration of communicating with the Thai people – without being coy or condescending.

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Author/Guide: Carol Hollinger Destination:Thailand  Departure Time: 1950s

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