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  • Location: Sweden

Lucia Morning in Sweden

Lucia Morning in Sweden

Why a Booktrail?

December 13th is Lucia Day in Sweden and it’s a magical time

  • ISBN: 978-1935666653
  • Genre: Childrens, Folklore

What you need to know before your trail

Santa Lucia is a Swedish holiday celebrated on December 13th every year. It means that the Christmas holiday is coming and the day of Lucia is to be celebrated with songs by candlelight.
Lucia Day, Lucia morning is seen through the eyes of three children in modern day Sweden and in the Svennson family home, the holiday celebrations  are in full swing.



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The magic of Lucia is stunningly evoked here and is a magical time of the year. Children dress in white with garlands of flowers and candles around their heads and sing early morning carols.
The festival is one to celebrate with family and friends and the  ‘coming of the light’ is marked with food and drink as well as song. Ginger biscuits, saffron buns and coffee make this a celebration to remember. Imagine sitting in a church when all is dark outside, children wearing candles around their heads, all dressed in white, the only sound in the quiet, calming church.
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