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  • Location: Malcesine, Lake Garda, Verona

Love at the Italian Lake

Love at the Italian Lake

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Can a girl find love on the shores of Lake Garda?

  • ISBN: B073SQF1KK
  • Genre: Romance

What you need to know before your trail

When Sophia Bertoni discovers her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she realises that there’s a lot in her life that has to change. So she leaves her job and heads out to Italy to stay with her grandmother for a break until she decides her next move.

So, she heads to Italy but even before she’s there, she meets a handsome stranger and they both realise they’re both staying in the same town. Well, could this be the sign of something going right for her?

They might be in the most beautiful place on earth but they’ve come with more baggage than that in their suitcases so will they be able to fly light or stay grounded? Is the runway clear for take off?

Travel Guide

#Authorsonlocation – Darcie Boleyn takes you on a tour

Lake Garda

Come to Italy and sit back and enjoy the warm surroundings! The Italian skies, landscape, sights and aromas are all recreated on these pages and all that’s missing is a glass of limoncello.

Joe for example likes to cycle and run and so one of the things he likes about the lake is the running routes with their picturesque scenery. He takes the path which starts from Navene and terminates in Castelletto di Brenzone – this allows him to enjoy the breeze of the lake.

“The combination of the endorphins rushing through his system, the surface of the lake shimmering in the sunlight, the clear blue sky above and the dramatic Monte Baldo mountain range all made him begin to believe that anything was possible….”

Meanwhile Sophia explores the city via the cobbled streets and stone archways, goes into and marvels at the castle She heads down to the National History Museum of Mount Baldo and Lake Garda which was housed at the Casermetta inside the castle. The mountain room contains information about the range of animals who live on the mountain but it’s the stuffed animals in cages that shocks her the most


Take a ferry to the shores of Limone where people are spotted soaking up the sun and dangling fishing rods into the water. Whilst marvelling at the terracotta tiles of  the nearby roofs. The ferry goes to  Riva del Garde.

They soon head to the street most well known for shops and fashion. Via Mazzini they have found from travel blogs is the most fashionable street in the city. She wonders how she could ever afford to buy something here but then spots the tourist souvenir shops and realises this might be her best bet. The restaurant on Piazza Bra where they settle might be a better bet.

Enjoy your time in Italy!

Streetview Maps

A) Malcesine - harbour/Lake Garda
F) Malcesine - harbour/Lake Garda

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Booktrailer Review

Susan:  @thebooktrailer

A delightful easy read that transports you to Italy and more. A getaway to Italy sounds perfect anyway but for Sophia it’s important for her to recover in a place where she has family.

This is a novel of indulgence for the reader as Lake Garda shines and sparkles from the page. Sophia is there to heal but she does in style, wandering the streets of Malcesine – visiting the old castle in the town, taking time to rest and take in the scenery and bumping into a man she’s met on the journey there. I am the least sporty person I know but I even I wanted to jog with Joe up to Mount Baldo! It sounds idyllic and the perfect place to let go of the past and to discover your future.

This story really drew me in and made me feel all warm inside. It’s one where the location really adds to the overall feel of the plot and ripples along nicely as a result. I felt really happy at the end – uplifted even. Now there’s a book I’d quite like to live in!

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  Love at the Italian Lake

Destination: Malcesine, Lake Garda, Verona  Author/Guide: Darcie Boleyn  Departure Time: 2000s

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