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Letters from the Dead

Letters from the Dead

Why a Booktrail?

1905. A man is haunted by terrible visions of the dead.

  • Genre: Ghost/supernatural, Gothic, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

1905. A year after ‘the affair’ in Dinas Powys, Thomas Bexley has become a drunkard and recluse, haunted by terrible visions of the dead. But when news of a spate of extraordinary kidnappings reaches him, Thomas is shocked to learn that his dear friend and former mentor, Professor Elijah Hawthorn, is the lead suspect.

Discovering a plea for help from Hawthorn claiming to have unearthed a gruesome conspiracy at the heart of the Metropolitan Police, Thomas embarks on a journey to prove Hawthorn’s innocence.

But wherever Thomas goes, he is followed by the dead, and as the mystery of Hawthorn’s disappearance deepens, so too does Thomas’s apparent insanity…

How can Thomas be certain of the truth when he can’t trust anybody around him, not even himself…?

Travel Guide

Booktrail the journey in Letters from the Dead

What a journey! Starting in London and fleeing up to Scotland, across to an island and then a mad train journey back south, this is a rip-roaring adventure into horror. Mind when you visit the island, the lighthouse, see the rats and the gory sights throughout. There are ghosts and mentions of the supernatural and you are never really sure what you are setting.

The London we find is one of horror and darkness. Scotland doesn’t fair much better with Pike Ness and that awful lighthouse with its macabre secrets.

Scene setting perfect for dark winter nights and Halloween!

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Letters from the Dead

Destination/location: London, Scotland Author/guide:  Sam Hurcom Departure Time: 1866

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