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Kitty Peck and the Parliament of Shadows

Kitty Peck and the Parliament of Shadows

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1800s: Kitty Peck took over Paradise – her grandmother’s East End criminal empire

  • Genre: Historical

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When Kitty Peck took over Paradise – her grandmother’s East End criminal empire – she thought she would be able to run it her own way. What Kitty didn’t know was that her grandmother had also left her violently entwined with the Barons of London. This coterie of fiends will stop at nothing to gain power, and they’ve already robbed Kitty of so much that she held dear.

Kitty is determined to do away with the dark underbelly of Paradise and to transform her music halls into the jewels of Limehouse. But as she begins her final assault on the Barons, a new threat appears in the form of an eerily charismatic preacher on a crusade against ‘wickedness and vice’. Can Kitty save Paradise from destruction, without losing any more of the people she loves?

Travel Guide

Discover Victorian London through Kitty Peck

Gorgeous Wiltons Music Hall remains the prime inspiration for the imagined Victorian music halls in the Kitty Peck series.

In Parliament of Shadows, several key scenes take place in pubs. The Grapes is a gorgeous, Grade II-listed pub part-owned by Limehouse resident Sir Ian McKellen.

The Town of Ramsgate is the setting for an important conversation in Parliament of Shadows.  It was here that Captain Bligh and Fletcher Christian had one last drink together before embarking on the voyage that led to mutiny on the Bounty. Sip that heady historical brew!

Sir John Soane’s Museum – The author worked here once and set a few scenes here. Feel the authenticity!


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Destination/location: London  Authour/guide: Kate Griffin Departure Time: 1800s

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