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Kill the Angel

Kill the Angel

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2000s: A train arrives in Rome, with all its first class passengers dead…

  • ISBN: 978-1501174650
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

At Rome’s central station, a train arrives with everyone in the first class, lying dead. Detective Inspector Columba Caselli and  Dante Torre immediately start to investigate but don’t believe the official Roman police line and that the real backstory goes much deeper

Europe, Columba and Dante realize they are on a collision course with an incredibly evil hit woman and have to race across Europe in order to stop the spiralling events from going into even more dangerous and dark places.

Wild, violent and a case which will bring them face to face with their pasts and their fears

Travel Guide

Italy- Rome

Termini Station

The station is usually busy, chaotic and noisy – but after reading this, a silent blanket of fear will descend. It’s a brilliant opening scene but you might not want to read the book in the station!

Visit the shops underneath instead and read the book later.

Vatican city

A nice place where Colomba has her apartment close to the River. She’s got a nice walk to the police station in via San Vitale


This is the area of the city where the university sits and also where the focus is on the islamic centre of the area. The other areas of the city under investigation are Ostia, Casilina, Torre Angela


When the Grand Canal is described as being haunted by whispering souls, where the plot devices are as twisty as the narrow, winding streets and where it’s hard to find someone even if you’re chasing them across bridges….then it’s a unique view of Venice you won’t forget in a hurry. The race against time is to stop the waters becoming blood red…


A short stop in Milan but time enough for a fleeing visit to the Train station and a funeral held at the grand cathedral there. The police station is known as the Vertical forest due to its structure and  more than two thousand tress had been planted on their facades. with the idea of blending together eco-sustainability and unrestrained luxury, a sort of architectural oxymoron”

Germany – Berlin

An interesting stop in the largely Italian set read. The history, legacy and even the links to Russia and the Russian mafia are examined here. Berlin has such iconic and infamous sights such as Checkpoint Charlie and the area of Wannsee. On a nicer note, there’s a nice cafe mentioned on Tauentzienstraße, which apparently sells the best soup ever!

Streetview Maps

A) Italy -Rome - Termini Station
F) Italy -Venice - Calle Sant'Angelo - Giltine apartment

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

Oh my word

Brilliantly chilling opening scene – BEST ENDING EVER – WTF?? and the gritty, racy thriller in the middle….I’m lost for words.

My heart is now racing. What just happened? If you liked Kill the Father you will LOVE this. And then need to lie down in a darkened room when you’ve finished reading it.

It’s got everything you want from a thriller and it’s a cracking follow up from Kill the Father. The writing is raw and the translation flawless which gives this novel a real edge. There’s lots to it – certainly at the beginning so you have to concentrate a little, but the payoff is worth it. Its’s also very timely – the suspected attack on the train is thought to be the work of ISIS and the mode of attack is eerrily prescient.

Two of the best characters in crime fiction with so many problems, even a psychologist would struggle to make sense of. One has OCD, the other claustrophobia and it’s these little details that really allows them to jump from the page. There’s lot of banter, references to books and films to centre these people in the real world, references that an ordinary man understands and that’s when their very unique and dangerous world looms even larger.

There’s so much to this novel and to say too much will really give the game away – it’s fast paced, deliciously dark and grpahic in places so if you’re squeamish – take care!

Oh and don’t read on a train

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  Kill the Angel (Caselli and Torre 2)

Destination : Rome, Venice, Milan,  Berlin  Author/Guide: Sandrone Dazieri  Departure Time: 2000s

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