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  • Location: Atlantic Ocean, Martha's Vinyard (Fictional Amity island)



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1970s: You’ve heard the music and seen the film, now read the book

  • ISBN: 978-1447220039
  • Genre: Horror

What you need to know before your trail

No one will forget the moment that they heard that music and knew that there was a white shark on its way to terrorise the local community. Jaws – even before you see the shark, you feel the fear, see the fear in the eyes of those who encounter him and the shrieks of the victims who realise what is happening just as it is too late.

The local police chief realises the danger but  there are officials in the town who don’t want to clear the beaches for fear of the effects on tourism.

Then a shark is killed and held up as a trophy. Is this the end of the fear? Or is that the music announcing Jaws starting up again?

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Amity Island

A fictional place but Martha’s Vineyard was largely used as the filming and inspiration for the novel.

Amity island is a small American coastal town, reliant on summer tourist trade to survive and where everyone knows everyone else. This is a small community and the town’s police chief is well respected in the area. When he notices that a shark is starting to circulate and hunt victims, he is at pains to get everyone believing him.

The island is paradise at first – the times are nice and easy and young bathers and families are enjoying the best beaches and the best water. Amity Island is popular and well known. Soon it will be infamous rather than famous.

It is said that author Peter Benchley drew his inspiration for this novel from a number of real-life incidents, such as the landing of a 2000kg Great White shark and the Jersey Shore attacks of 1916.

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