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Is Canada Even Real?

Is Canada Even Real?

Why a Booktrail?

What do you really know about the country that is Canada?

  • ISBN: 978-1459738836
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

JC Villamere knows Canada. that’s an understatement. It even states on her web site that she

knew how to drive a Ski-Doo by age 8 and that her body is 90 per cent maple syrup. She asked herself the question of what Canadians know about Canada and what those outside the borders know. What makes Canada the country it is today? What do people associate with the land that produced The Littlest Hobo and Justin Beiber and an impossibly good looking Prime Minister?

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Often called the mouse in bed with the rather large American elephant. But you remember what happened with that story? Great things come in small packages and size does not determine strength and influence.
But Canada is often overlooked in pop music, world politics, cultural history etc. From each and every province there is a history, a story,something new to discover.

Tourism British Columbia

Tourism Alberta

Tourism Saskatchewan

Tourism Ontario

Tourism Quebec

Tourism New Brunswick

Tourism Nova Scotia

The locations here are too vast to list and certainly too many to mention but the fact is that you have never seen Canada quite like this before. It’s a vast and stunning country – 6 provinces, several time zones and landscapes you would never believe. From the city to the rural world of Canadian horseriding and hobos and the journey from its birth to the present day.

Things you might not know are Canadian – The Littlest Hobo, Mike Myers…. What is a Quebec Bonhomme? Who is Justin Trudeau and what was the legacy of the Trudeau family on Canada? Why do Canadians say eh? and always seem to be apologizing?

There is a lot you don’t know about Canada and a lot you’re going to laugh about loud at when you find out.

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

The writer is well known in Canada for being 90% made of maple syrup. I totally believe that  what she doesn’t know or love about Canada isn’t worth knowing. She’s fun and has a unique way of writing and compelling you to answer questions in fun quizzes getting you to see what you know and what you didn’t know you should. It’s tongue in cheek, funny and very very Canadian. This for me brought back lots of happy memories, unique canadian tidbits and that funny Canadian humour. Even when I was in Canada I wondered how it coped with being so overshadowed at times by its big American neighbour – this is the book to show how that little mouse not only squeaks but roars!

On another note – I loved the Littlest Hobo and I wanted to be that dog when I was little. Still do if I’m honest as the sense of adventure he had – the people he met and the places he saw and the facts he learned? Felt a bit like that reading this book.

Totally loved this. And I got a lot of the quizzes right. Do I get a maple leaf medal? It’s amazing what I learnt here as well! Brilliant and fun

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Author/Guide: J C Villamere  Destination: Canada

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