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House Of Leaves

House Of Leaves

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2000s and back: A house with more than a few secrets….

  • ISBN: 978-0385603102
  • Genre: Ghost/supernatural, Horror, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Johnny Truant wild and troubled sometime employee in a LA tattoo parlour, finds a notebook kept by Zampano, a reclusive old man found dead in a cluttered apartment. The notebook contains the heavily annotated story of the Navidson Record.

The Navidson Record is all about Will Navidson, a photojournalist, and his family who move into a new house. What happens next in that house is recorded and the Navidsons of Ash Tree Lane become household names.

But Johnny Truant has never heard of the Navidson Record. Nor has anyone else he knows. And the more he reads about Will Navidson’s house, the more frightened he becomes. Paranoia besets him. The worst part is that he can’t just dismiss the notebook as the ramblings of a crazy old man. He’s starting to notice things changing around him .

Travel Guide

Los Angeles

Johnny Truant is the young man from LA who finds the record in the rotting apartment of Zampanò after his death. But Truant by name and truant by nature, Johnny is not your most reliable of narrators of course but in the world of fantasy and make believe that is LA and Hollywood, just what is real and what isn’t?


Imagine moving into a house and getting set to do the renovations. You record your attempts, perhaps with the idea of playing the tapes back at speed to see your house built in time lapse.

But the work doesn’t go to plan for when you measure the house, the outside seems to be an inch more on the outside than in. Not possible surely? But the more you measure, the more it stays the same.

That’s not all, the house seems to be changing in ways that no one would have imagined . A cold icy hallway has appeared where before there was nothing but wall. Then there’s the noise…

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Author/Guide: Mark Z Danielewski    Destination: Los Angeles, Virginia  Departure Time: 200os and back

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