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  • Location: Vienna

Hotel Sacher

Hotel Sacher

Why a Booktrail?

1892: One woman takes hold of her legacy in an epic tale of Viennese romance, deception, and danger.

  • ISBN: 978-1503904033
  • Translator: Alison Layland
  • Genre: Historical, Inspired by true events

What you need to know before your trail

Vienna, 1892. Against all odds, at the height of Belle Époque splendor, Anna Sacher has taken possession of her late husband’s hotel, across the street from the famous opera house. At a time when controlling such a business was an opportunity afforded only to men, Anna is as vigilant as she is relentless. Now, under her ownership, the Hotel Sacher thrives amid the tumult of a changing continent, even as intrigue follows in the shadows.

Through its opulent halls stride visitors from all walks of life, including some of the most glamorous figures of Viennese society—opera singers, princes, princesses—and the maids and manservants who wait on them.

Some guests will find romance. Some will unearth secrets. And some will discover much more than they expected…

Travel Guide

Travel BookTrail style to the Hotel Sacher in Vienna

The Hotel Sacher is a five-star hotel located in the centre of Vienna, Austria close by the Vienna State Opera. It is famous for the specialty of the house, the Sachertorte, a chocolate cake with apricot filling.

The hotel was founded in 1876 by Eduard Sacher (1843–1892). His father, Franz Sacher (1816–1907) had become famous for his Sachertorte, which he allegedly created for a reception given by Austrian State Chancellor Klemens von Metternichin.

After the end of World War II, Allied-occupied Austria, like Germany, was divided into four zones. Vienna was also subdivided into four zones in much the same way as Berlin had been. During the occupation the British used the Sacher Hotel as their headquarters.

 Famous guests

Among the famous guests over the decades included Emperor Franz Joseph , King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, to name but a few. Many creative types and artists including John Lennon have also eaten here

BookTrail Boarding Pass : Hotel Sacher

Destination: Vienna   Author/guide:   Rodica Doehnert   Departure Time: 1892

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