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Hetty’s Secret War (Woman of War 3)

Hetty’s Secret War (Woman of War 3)

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1949: one women faces a future more uncertain than she had ever imagined..

  • ISBN: B07H98KL9L
  • Genre: Sagas

What you need to know before your trail

Georgie – when the man she has always loved is sent to France on a secret war office mission every knock of the door fills her with dread of it being the feared telegram boy…

Beth – orphaned as a child, Beth is coming of age and determined to do her bit for the war effort. Caught up in a whirlwind romance, she marries only to become a war widow… and one expecting a baby who will never know his brave father. Can she find happiness again?

Hetty – desperately trying to make her way back from Paris to her beloved family in England, a fateful and tragic encounter brings Hetty to Chateau de Faubourg where she joins the resistance and risks both her heart and her life fighting for charismatic resistance leader Stefan Lefarge…

However dark the times, courage, determination and the power of friendship can overcome the hardships of war.

Travel Guide

Travel BookTrail Style to Kendelbury

Visit the literary locations with Rosie Clarke – The BookTrail’s Authorsonlocation

The setting of Kendelbury and the village of the same name is fictional but somewhere near Torquay in Devon. The characters often take the train from London here and pass through Torquay on their journeys around the country.

Kendelbury House sounds very grand and a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The setting of London becomes important for the war effort going on whilst the women of the story are trying to survive each day. Characters travel up to the city and in the case of book 2, spend a great time there in the pubs and clubs of the decade. Book Two showcases London as being a city celebrating the end of war. There is music everywhere and too much of everything. After a period of war and a shortage of most things, this is quite the culture shock. In Hetty’s war, the city is once again at war and under the cover of darkness.


Mentioned as a background. The setting of France in general is important given the fight for the resistance which took place across the water from London. The war efforts are centere here and it’s where Hetty is sent to Chateau de Faubourg where she joins the resistance . Then she meets the charismatic resistance leader Stefan Lefarge…

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Hetty’s Secret War  (Woman of War 3)

Destination: “Kendelbury”. London, Paris   Author/guide:  Rosie Clarke      Departure Time: 1949

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