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1800s  – The woman who inspired Hester Prynne, the tragic heroine of The Scarlet Letter, mining the legacy of the Salem witch trials

  • ISBN: B0B2MMVQ12
  • Genre: Ghost/supernatural, Gothic, Historical

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Isobel, a seamstress, and her husband Edward set sail for New England, in flight from his opium addiction and mounting debts. But, arriving in Salem, Isobel soon finds herself penniless and alone.

When she meets the young Nathaniel Hawthorne, the two are instantly drawn to each other: he is haunted by his ancestors, who sent innocent women to the gallows – while she is an unusually gifted needleworker, troubled by her own strange talents. Nathaniel and Isobel grow closer and closer. Together, they are dark storyteller and muse; enchanter and enchanted. But which is which?

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Salem and the Witch Trials

“Hester” reimagines Nathaniel Hawthorne’s inspiration for his character Hester Prynne in his famous novel The Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne appears in the book and there is a fictional Isobel Gamble who acts as his muse. Isobel is  a seamstress but is married to a doctor who has a drug problem. She starts to have feelings for Hawthorne and people start to gossip.

The Salem witch trials are a major part of the novel.  Witchcraft and the role of women are major themes.


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Destination/Location: Salem  Author:  Laurie Lico Albanese Departure: 1800s

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