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Hard Hitter (The Brooklyn Bruisers Book 2) 

Hard Hitter (The Brooklyn Bruisers Book 2) 

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2000s: Book two of the Brooklyn Bruisers series

  • ISBN: B01N0KZ7DG
  • Genre: Romance

What you need to know before your trail

As team captain and enforcer, Patrick O’Doul puts the bruise in the Brooklyn Bruisers. But after years of fighting, O’Doul is feeling the burn, both physically and mentally. He hides his pain from the coaching staff, but when his chronic muscle strain becomes too obvious to ignore, he’s sent for treatment with the team’s massage therapist.

After breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, Ari Bettini needs a timeout from men. She’s focusing only on work: rehabilitating the Bruisers’ MVP. O’Doul is easy on the eyes but his reaction to her touch is ice cold. Ari is determined to help O’Doul heal, but as the tension between them starts to simmer, they both learn that a little TLC does the body good…

Travel Guide

Travel to the world of NHL Hockey in Brooklyn

The world of hockey and sports romance is brought to life in this series. The sporting world comes to life as the world, the competitive world of NHL Hockey is shown in all of its glory. The best competitions and shows of strength isn’t always on the rink!

“An old Buddhist monk told me once that the mind is like an untrained monkey. If you don’t give it something to do, it will tear your house apart and smear shit on all the walls.” “Really?” On the table in front of her, Patrick’s eight-pack shook with laughter. “I want to meet this monk.” “Really. He said meditation gives your monkey something better to do. Even if you think you’re bad at it, the monkey is still busy.”

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Hard Hitter (The Brooklyn Bruisers Book 2)

Destination: New York City, Brooklyn  Author/guide: Sarina Bowen  Departure: 2000s

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