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Happy as a Partridge: Life and Love in Madrid

Happy as a Partridge: Life and Love in Madrid

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2000s: Madrid is not a bad city to escape to. But can you run from everything?

  • ISBN: 978-1527218598
  • Genre: Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Evie Fuller is quite simply fed up. Single, unemployed and rapidly approaching her thirtieth birthday, she finds London life is weighing heavy. When a month of free language lessons offers an escape route, she heads to Madrid for sun-soaked adventures and a crash course in Spanish culture. Will a change of scene restore her zest for life?

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Authorsonlocation – meet the author in Madrid here

With writing like this, you can’t help but be transported to the city like Evie:

“Breathing it in like a drug, I looped west towards Plaza de Espana before heading to Los Austrios – the oldest barrio in the city and home to Plaza major, where I settled at a table outside a cafe and ordered some desayuno after a slimy waiter informed this means breakfast – who knew?!I couldn’t stop smilinglike a maniac. Was it possible to be drunk on happiness and freedom?”

Kate the author says:

“Madrid may not have the grandeur of Rome or Paris, but it possesses infinite charm that’s mesmerising once it takes hold.  From the beautiful Museo Sorolla, filled with beautiful sunny beach scenes by the Spanish artist, to the wonderful Retiro Park filled with families strolling in the sunshine, with music blowing on the wind and rowing boats out on the lake under the watchful gaze of Alfonso XIII, I spent many happy days discovering new places.

Museo Sorolla

I wanted to include sites like the Museo Sorolla in the book to show the immense collections of art in small museums throughout the city, as well as the larger examples such as the Prado.

Another great spot for people watching is Plaza de Olavide.  This is where I sat for a long time, taking a break while searching for a flat on my first day in Madrid and I think it’s where my love of the city first stirred.

La Perejila restaurant in La Latina

I adore this for all its eccentric décor, hectic ambiance and mouth-watering food.


My protagonist Evie loves spending time in the trendy barrio, or neighbourhood, of Malasaña, which is home to her favourite café, Carmencita as well as many of the bars that she frequents: Bodega La Ardosa, Kikekeller and 1862 Dry Bar. Through her eyes in the book you will visit the monumental El Escorial a short drive outside Madrid, experience the atmosphere of a Real Madrid match at the Bernabeu stadium

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Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

I admit the title got me straight away! Not since my days of wandering around Granada and wondering if there were in fact partridges in there and why many people mentioned them to me, had I heard this phrase. I immediately wanted to read this book as the girl on the cover seems so happy to be there, and when I dived in, the writing made me realise Madrid was the place to be.

It felt personal, as I myself have done many of the things Evie has done – not all in Madrid but the smattering of Spanish words in the text, the sitting in one of the city’s squares having coffee and thinking you’ve arrived when really you’re having to find a flat really brings the city to life. As Evie wanders the city exploring and finding her feet, the reader goes with her. And immediately we too feel her passion and excitement. It’s infectious!

I loved the writing, it was fun and fresh and the book very easy to read. Even if you haven’t been to Spain, I think you’ll get on well with Evie and the author as this is the city seen through their eyes and it’s a treat to see it with them! Her experience of being there as an English teacher will resonate with some people and maybe inspire others. It will definitely open up your eyes to what a newcomer to a city goes through!

There’s a little bit of homesickness though to make things real and to examine what Evie might do in the end – return home to the UK or stay and make a real go of things. I was willing the best for her and wanted to give her a hug and share some of my experiences with her and get my friends round to help her gain confidence.

The author has written a lovely homage to the city she obviously loves and it’s inspired on her experiences but woven into a fictional story. It’s a perfect read for any booktrailer and Spanish aficionado.

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  Happy as a Partridge: Life and Love in Madrid

Destination : Madrid  Author/Guide: Kate Boyle  Departure Time: 2000s

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