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  • Location: Seychelles

Grk Operation Tortoise

Grk Operation Tortoise

Why a Booktrail?

One of the most adventurous dog in literature jaunts off to the Seychelles on holiday and into a murderous adventure…

  • ISBN: 978-1842705599
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

Tim is on holiday with his parents, the Raffifis, and Grk in the Seychelles. Two weeks of fun lie ahead.

But one afternoon, while walking the beach with Grk, the clouds father over the island when Tim stumbles over a body in the sand. Washed up from the ocean and barely alive, the man utters a few words and then dies.

Tim and Grk want to help but the mystery is about to become a lot darker yet.

Travel Guide

As Tim himself sniffs, paradise when you have a cold is not paradise. But the cold is the least of his worries when he and his dog Grk get into a right old pickle

The Seychelles has two sides to it – paradise on one hand and a chilling mystery on the other. This is an island with a mad scientist’s laboratory in it, armed guards, arrivals by helicopter and a sea all around that keeps everything in its place…

The Seychelles turns out to be rip roaring adventure – Tim does what every little boy dreams of when he races a boat across the ocean, skimming the waves before crashing it on to the beach. He does hit a palm tree, but crashing on the beach is something else!

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