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  • Location: London, Ibiza, Norway

Girl Friends

Girl Friends

Why a Booktrail?

2024: You think you met her by chance. You’re wrong.

  • ISBN: 978-1801108331
  • Genre: Psychological, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Charlotte has it all: the successful career, the loving family. But, secretly, she is dangerously bored of her rigid and structured life.

Bianka is a free spirit, always the life and soul. When she and Charlotte meet, it feels like fate – Bianka is exactly the person that Charlotte needs.

When they escape to Ibiza for a girls’ trip, home is soon forgotten. Charlotte dives head first into a life that is looser, wilder. But the holiday soon spirals out of control with fatal consequences – someone doesn’t return home.

Travel Guide


The London parts of the book are set in Wimbledon Village and there are some nice highlights there. The park for example is a nice discovery. More of a background location but it’s very nicely evoked.


Once they get to the island, there is a distinct Spanish feel to the story and it’s when the girls are in Spain that it all kicks off! The villa of course is fictional but it’s fun trying to guess where it might be!


There are only a few mentions of Norway but the skiing part is part of Storm’s story and the background to the novel.

Booktrailer Review

Well this was spicy for a Saturday morning sitting on a train! haha. Off to Ibiza for a girl’s weekend I thought. Well, it was that and then it turned into something very different. They go wild and throw all caution to the wind. It all happens very fast and then….tragedy.

The tragedy was just the start of the chaos that followed. And what a great thing for this reader! The train journey flashed by. I barely remember leaving the train. Did I miss my stop? I can’t remember. I was on that Ibiza island and my mind was racing as fast as those women’s heartbeats.

Spicy and fun, this is quite dark – at the end I wanted to get back on that train and tell everyone about what happened.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Girl Friends

Destination: London, Ibiza, Norway  Author/guide: Alex Dahl  Departure Time: 2024

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