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  • Location: Brazil

For the Love of Soccer! 

For the Love of Soccer! 

Why a Booktrail?

1940s onwards – Meet Pele, widely considered the greatest football player in the world.

  • ISBN: 978-1423115380
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

This is the story of Pele – considered by many people all over the world as being the greatest football player who ever lived.

How did he get to where he wanted to be though? At first he was like so many other little boys, wanting to play football anytime, anywhere. He lived for kicking that ball around.

From those very first kicks to a world class career, little Edison Arantes do Nascimento, became known as Pelé and this is his story, in his own words, for everyone to enjoy.

Travel Guide

Brazil is well known for its football and for Pelé but to go back in time and see Pelé’s journey from his very first kick of that ball….well it’s like going back to one of the most historical and iconic moments in football.

From the first battered old ball to the gleaming ones on pitches the world over, the journey is one of sheer determination and perseverance. Pelé would play with his friends in the yard but all he wanted to do was to be the best he could be.

Feel the power, the vibrancy and the sheer exhilaration of every kick –

“The second the starting whistle blasted, every player exploded into action.”

Football is intense, exciting, there’s nothing else like in the world, no other sport like it and this is the essence of the game, right in Pelé’s words, and in vibrant pictures to match

Meeting Pelé for any football fan is a chance in a million but this book really takes you there to shake his hand.

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