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1783 onwards: The fictionalised yet true story of convict Mary Bryant

  • ISBN: 978-1785768811
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical, Inspired by true events

What you need to know before your trail

Jenny Trelawney is no ordinary thief. Forced by poverty to live in the Devon forest, she becomes a successful highwaywoman – until her luck runs out.

Transported to Australia, Jenny must tackle new challenges and growing responsibilities. And when famine hits the new colony, Jenny becomes convinced that those she most cares about will not survive. She becomes the leader in a grand plot of escape. Setting sail in a small open boat on an unknown ocean, she will do anything for freedom, but at what cost?

Travel Guide

Travel BookTrail style to the real life journey of Mary Bryant

The novel is based on the life of Mary Bryant, the woman behind one of history’s most daring escapes. The author explains that many of the events inthe book are based on real ones, but creative licence and the author’s imagination has created the rest.


Mary was born in approximately 1765 in the town of Fowey. Her father was said to be a smuggler although there is no evidence of this. He did however, work with the sea as did many people in the coastal town.


The convict ship to Australia sets off from the docks here. This was the city where Mary came to and fell into crime, but the extent of that is unknown. In the book, the character of Jenny, is accused of a crime, trialed in court and then put on the ship.


The journey to Australia takes weeks, month and the conditions on board are described in the book as terrible. It gives an intersting insight into the state of mind required to do such a long journey. What must the prisoners have been feeling when they were on the ship. No-one knew what to expect once they’d arrive at the Botany Bay colony.

Escape to Kupang

This is a fascinating part of the book. Kupang, in West Timor used to be known as Coepang. The journey from NSW took them some 69 days and took them via Queensland, Lady Elliot Island right around the coast, via the Torres Strait Islands and then on the way to Kupang. One there, that’s when things get interesting, but no spoilers here!


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Fled

Destination: Cornwall, Plymouth, Botany Bay, NSW, QLD, Kupang Author/guide: MegKeneally  Departure Time: 1791

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